Apr 3, 2009

We Need Donations

FNBKL has been serving/tabling food to the homefree for the past 8 years and we are able to do so thanks to the very kind donations that we get from very nice people like you. Lately, we have not been receiving that much donations and so we have been using quite a substantial amount of money to make sure that we can continue serving/tabling. We don't have that much money left and also we need to use the cash that we have currently for other things. We are trying to raise some fun(d) for it but at the same time we would also like to ask if you would like to donate some stuff to us.

Things We Need:
1. Rice - we cook about 5kg of rice every Sunday, for each serving
2. Cordial - we make our own drinks
3. Sugar - we usually use about 2kg of sugar every Sunday for the drinks
4. Oil

You could also give us spices, salt, and things like that. But those 4 things which are mentioned above are the things that we badly need.

Besides the things, we also need people like you to come and help out- cook, chop, and clean. Volunteers are always welcomed. We start cooking around 2pm at the house/ponyo. We leave the house at about 5.30 pm. We start serving/tabling at 6pm at Bukit Nanas. If you have a car, that's great! You could also help to drive the food from the house to Bukit Nanas.

If you are interested, either to volunteer or to donate, please do not hesitate to call the house at 03-79550941 or drop a comment here.

Thank you so much!

Dec 19, 2008

Food Not Bombs' Activities (PLS COME HELP + SUPPORT!)

Hello friends of Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur!

We at FNBKL hope that you are doing great! We want to inform you that we're participating and organising a couple of events which we'll need help and support from all of you..
We hope you could help in any ways you can..

20th - 21st December '08 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 11a.m - 6p.m
Venue: Annexe, Central Market
  • we're still raising fund for the bike trailer and to sustain our weekly tabling activity and other activities i.e tshirt, zines, patches etc
  • we need volunteers to help on those dates.. we'll have as usual, the on-the-spot t-shirt printing, ceramic paintings, screenings, music, stuff for sale etc
  • REMINDER: bring your own Tshirt!/bags/cloth to be printed
  • at 4.30 p.m (1hr) - Sign Language Workshop (LIMITED SPACE)
  • please bring music instruments/music CDs/drinks/food as we'll have our own party there...

Date: 27th December '08 (Sat)
Time: 11 a.m - 12 midnight
Venue: Ponyo (FNBKL's house)
  • this event is to raise fund for the anti-G8 movement in Japan as they had spent a lot in organising the big protest at the G8 summit in Japan on July  this year and also to fund the next protest against G8 in Italy.
  • there will be a couple of activities happening on this day..
  1. Really, Really Free Market (refer below)
  2. Art Exhibition (please donate your artworks! no matter how small or simple.)
  3. Screenings (you can bring your DVDs if you think you want to share it with us)
  4. Kids coloring session (bring your kids to participate!)
  5. Presentation on protest G8
  6. Collective's Introduction
  7. Live cooking by Bebe
  8. Music / Performances (The Pips, Meor, Laikong Brigade etc)
  9. Special Drinks for FUNraising (all sales will be donated to the anti-G8 movement)
  • please visit our blog for details!


Date: 27th December '08 (Sat)
Time: 11 a.m - 6 p.m
Venue: Ponyo (FNBKL's house in PJ)
for the schedule and map, please visit FNBKL's blog
  • this is the FIRST RRFM that we're organising.. this market is to create awareness as well as an act to show that as a community, we have more resources than we do as individuals.
  • it is kind of a potluck.. we need everyone to bring stuff you want to share.. i.e clothes, shoes, games, books, phamplets (on health, NGO services, rights etc), pots, pans, speakers, radio, TV, cabinets, cds, watercolor, gardening tools etc..... anything! you'll be surprised that the things you don't really use/need could be another persun's treasure!
  • we urge people to share skills/knowledge too (NGOs are encouraged!)... i.e legal advise, counseling, photography skills, repairing computers, repairing bicycle, t-shirt silkscreen printing, massage, hair cut, how-to whatever etc anything you can think of.
  • this market is absolutely FREE! it is based on a gift-economy concept.
  • Because there is enough for everyone
  • Because sharing is more fulfilling than owning
  • Because corporations would rather see landfills overflow than anyone get anything for free
  • Because scarcity is a myth constructed to keep us at the mercy of the economy
  • Because a sunny day outside is better than anything money can buy or hanging out window shopping at a mall
  • Because "free trade" is a contradiction of terms
  • Because no one should have to do without food, shelter, clothes, entertainment, and community

Date: 20th December '08 (Sat)
Time: 9p.m
Starting point : Ground Floor, Annexe, Central Market
  • this bicycle ride and CLV is to extend our solidarity to the JERIT's cyclists who had been/still being arrested + brutalised! (visit JERIT's website to know more)
  • and also to support the protests in Greece where a kid aged 15 was shot by the police in coldblood. Many protests are still happening all over the world. (maybe some of you already knew about this inccident, if not please read our blog.)
  • bring your own candles/torchlights, plakads, music instruments and wear costumes if you like..
  • come join us!


Date: 17th - 18th January 2009 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10a.m - 10p.m
Venue: Ponyo (FNBKL's house)
  • this workshop was supposed to be on November, but due to a couple of problems, it was postponed to January.
  • this workshop was aimed to push DIY-ism into our daily lives. As the world becomes more dependent on the capitalism system way of living, we should opt for alternatives as we humyns were born to survive on our own by planting seeds and not be dependent on the supermarkets.
  • this workshop will be conducted by Mr Ong BK who has 10 years of experience as organic farmer in Penang.
  • the workshop will be inclusive of notes, screenings, practical and theory, tips, discussions etc...
  • we would like this workshop to be free but we need your understanding that some materials which will be used in this workshop will involve some money i.e beans, seeds, meals for participants (breakfast, lunch & dinner), photocopies of notes, etc.. thus a fee of RM30 will be charge to the participants (students/un-employed -FREE)
  • wear gardening attire because we'll have to play with DIRT!
  • please confirm your attendance by10th January. Maximum number of participants : 20 people. HURRY!


we hope to hear from you... contact : +603-79550951 or email us.

H.A.V.E   (A)   N.I.C.E   D.A.Y!

Nov 7, 2008

Organic Gardening Workshop 15 - 16 Nov

Seperti yang kita tahu, dunia sedang mengalami krisis-krisis seperti makanan, ekonomi, masalah alam sekitar (global warming, pencemaran), dsb. Oleh sebab-sebab tersebut, kami cuba mengamalkan amalan Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y) dalam kehidupan seharian sebagai langkah untuk kehidupan yang lebih sustainable dan mesra alam. Dan dalam proses mencari alternatif selain apa yang telah disediakan di dalam pasaran sistem kapitalis, FNBKL dengan kerjasama Mr. Ong (SOS Penang & Penang Watch) akan mengadakan satu WORKSHOP ORGANIC GARDENING. Dalam workshop ini, diharapkan agar kita semua mampu menanam sendiri sebahagian besar makanan kita bagi mengurangkan budaya consumerism dan sekaligus lebih berdikari dan berjimat.

Untuk menampung kos bahan-bahan, makanan semasa workshop dan nota, bayaran minima sebanyak RM30 dikenakan (butiran di bawah). Sekiranya anda berminat, sila e-mail free_foods@yahoo.com atau hubungi kami 03-79550941 sebelum 12hb November. Sila berikan nama, nombor telefon dan alamat di dalam e-mail anda.

Jom datang dan dapatkan pengalaman bereksperimentasi dengan tanah! Mari belajar sama-sama!



Date : November, 15th-16th (Saturday & Sunday)
Time : 10am-10pm
Resource person: Ong BK - 10 years experience as organic farmer in Penang
Entry : RM30.00/head or free for unemployed/students (cover all meals, notes
Participants number: 10-20
Attire : Gardening attire, something you can afford to let it dirty!
Contact : 03-79550941 (Poodien)


Day 1

10.00am : Arrival of participants, Talk 1: What is organic food - Myth and misunderstanding
11.00am : 1st practical: Gardening around FNB house
1.00pm : Organic lunch 1: Healthy cooking class and lunch - Yummy sprouts, DIY soya milk
3.00pm : Talk 2: Composting & ways to fertilise your garden
4.00pm : Practical 2: Doing a compost & collecting organic fertiliser
6.00pm : Organic dinner 1: DIY noodles! Pasta dinner
8.00pm : Film screening 1: Fast Food Nation - Are you eating too much `excreta'(ie: shit) in your next burger? A company investigation into the cowdung content in their company's burger led a young executive to a startling expose of a link between foreign workers and the foreign matter in the burger. The truth is worst than shit, for sure! The film also shows a small band of animal liberationist students trying to set free a herd of cows. But the cows refused to run for freedom, what's wrong?
10.00pm : Discussion and evaluation for 1st day
11.00pm : End for Day 1

Day 2

10.00am : Practical 3: Gardening - Biodiversity: Seeds issues, herbs tour and identify edible herbs
12.00pm : Talk 3: How to organically keep pests away
1.00pm : Organic lunch 2: DIY pau & soya burger. Making DIY paper
3.00pm : Talk 4: Seeds & herb talk
4.00pm : Practical 4: Gardening & identifying natural pest repellant eg. neem/mambu
6.00pm : Organic dinner 2: Wild herb & hot sauces
8.00pm : Film screening 2: GMO are coming (title to be confirmed)
9.00pm : Discussion and evaluations - giving away organic gardening certs! Brief intro on various organic farms in Malaysia, including Penang Organic Farm
11.00pm : Bye!